Airborne pollution destroying, self-cleaning, solar & UV reflective, VOC-free elastomeric Cool Roof coating

Eco-Roof Cool Roof Coating

Elastomeric Self-Cleaning, Pollution Destroying, Cool Roof Coating

Description: Eco-Roof Cool Roof Coating is a bright white re-waterproofing photocatalytic coating that can greatly reduce the energy required to cool a structure.

Eco-Roof is formulated to use water-based synthetic resins and special titanium dioxide additives to create a hydrophilic, pollution destroying, self-cleaning, photocatalytic liquid coating. Using active and reflected UV light, Eco-Roof creates a photocatalytic reaction that safely degrades airborne pollutants, cleaning the air and protecting the coating from UV degradation. The hydrophilic nature of Eco-Roof flattens rain and other sources of water from droplets into sheets, increasing the ability to remove and dirt or debris on the coating’s surface.

Eco-Roof is a bright white coating that reduces solar heat absorption and exhibits high UV reflectivity (SRI=103). This creates a net reduction in overall energy cooling costs. The re-waterproofing nature of the coating has the ability to increase the lifespan of an existing roofing system by up to 10 years (contact manufacturer for details).

Eco-Roof is a single-component coating that can be applied over horizontal, vertical, and sloped surfaces. Eco-Roof strongly adheres to bituminous, built-up, slated, and tile roofing systems, as well as concrete surfaces. Eco-Roof can be applied over ballast roofing systems to add the pollution destroying benefits of the coating, but should not be considered a re-waterproofing layer.

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Bright white color reflects infrared and UV rays, reducing Air Conditioning strain on the building!


  • VOC-Free Elastomeric Water-Based Acrylic
  • Destroys Air Pollution (Smog)
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Prevents Biological Growth
  • Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral
  • Re-Waterproofing Cool Roof Coating
  • Solar Reflective Index (SRI) = 103

Photocatalytic reactions use the sun to destroy Air Pollution & Smog!

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Bright White, pollution destroying, self-cleaning, solar reflective, VOC-free, elastomeric Cool Roof coating

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