Airborne pollution destroying, self-cleaning, solar & UV reflective, VOC-free elastomeric coating


Pollution Destroying Self-Cleaning Elastomeric Coating


Ecoreflect is a hydrophilic, pollution destroying, self-cleaning, photocatalytic liquid coating formulated with water based synthetic resins and special titanium dioxide additives. Using active and reflected UV light, Ecoreflect creates a photocatalytic reaction that safely degrades airborne pollutants, cleaning the air and protecting the coating from UV degradation. The hydrophilic nature of Ecoreflect flattens rain and other sources of water from droplets into sheets of water to remove and dirt or debris that may be on the surface.

Ecoreflect is a tintable, single-component coating that can be applied over horizontal, vertical, and sloped surfaces. Ecoreflect strongly adheres to concrete, brick, tile, EIFS, metal, and stucco. For other surface consideration, please contact Kingfield.

For roofing applications, see Eco-Roof, Kingfield’s bright white, pollution destroying roof coating with high reduction of solar heat absorption and high UV reflectivity (SRI=103), creating a net reduction in overall energy cooling costs.

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PDF: Ecoreflect Technical Brochure

Breakdown of the chemical and physical nature of Ecoreflect and the benefits it ecological benefits it provides for your project.

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Pollution destroying, self-cleaning, solar reflective, VOC-free elastomeric coating


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