K-Drain Drainage Composites

Drainage Mats for Horizontal and Vertical Waterproofing Systems

K-Drain products perform multi-faceted roles in horizontal and below-grade waterproofing systems. They provide protection for waterproofing systems and collect excess water on horizontal and against vertical foundation wall systems and transport that water to water collections systems.

Horizontal systems include: Plaza decks, split slabs, planters, roof top gardens, and other horizontal surfaces.

The heavy duty, impermeable polypropylene sheet is formed under head to create a high flow dimpled drainage core and is covered with either a densely woven filer fabric for a permeable barrier against small diameter fill, or non-woven fabric for increased water penetration.

Related Project Profiles:

K-Drain 300, 302 & 1000: Flexible and virtually crush-proof (40,000 psf) 0.25″ HDPE geonet drainage core with filter fabric bonded to one or both sides of the sheet for extreme compression-resistant situations while retaining high flow (8.5 gpm/ft) characteristics of traditional drainage composite. Perfect for projects that involve heavy loads over a plaza deck, and/or heavy vehicular traffic.

Series Products: 300, 302 & 1000

K-Drain 400 series: 0.40″ dimpled high flow (21 gpm/ft) impermeable polypropylene drainage core with a bonded later of nonwoven fabric for vertical applications, such as foundation walls, retaining walls, planters & green roofs, bridge abutments, & under slabs.

Series Products: 400, 400XL, 420 & 420XL

K-Drain 700 Series: 0.40″ heavy duty, high flow (23 gpm/ft) polymeric dimpled drainage core that provides horizontal protection for waterproofing systems and collects excess water from plaza decks, split slabs, planters, roof top gardens, and other horizontal surfaces.

Series Products: 700, 720, 740, 760 & 780

K-Drain 990: 0.40″ Chemically resistant, heavy duty, high flow (24 gpm/ft), impermeable polypropylene dimpled drainage core. Suitable for concrete toppings and specifically designed for applications where chemical exposure is possible and the highest compressive strength and filtration abilities are required.

Series Products: 990

K-Drain Micro: 1/4″ high-flow (6.8 gpm/ft), ultra thin drainage composite for low clearance applications, providing heavy duty hydrostatic and puncture protection (14,500+ psf) for horizontal and vertical waterproofing systems.

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K-Drain 300-302-1000


K-Drain 400 Series


K-Drain 700 Series


K-Drain 990


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