Pre-Tak & Pre-Tak HD

Next Generation Pressure Sensitive Adhesive HDPE Membrane

Description: Kingfield’s Pre-Tak membranes are the latest generation of pre-applied waterproofing membranes. Pre-Tak membranes consist of triple-layered composite sheets comprised of a thick, HDPE film – 1.2mm (PRE-TAK) or 1.8mm (PRE-TAK HD) – strong Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, and a weather resistant protective coating that is tinted to reduce on-site glare and greatly increase the membranes ability to resist thermal & UV damage prior to the concrete pour.

Kingfield Pre-Tak membranes form a unique, integral bond to poured-in-place concrete, preventing both the ingress and lateral migration of water while providing a robust barrier to vapor, water, gas, and chemically laden soils. Concrete is cast directly against the adhesive side of the Pre-Tak membrane, activating Kingfield’s next generation coating and pressure sensitive adhesive to form a continuous and integral watertight seal to the structure.

Pre-Tak is designed to be environment and landfill friendly by eliminating the need for a release liner. Installation is efficient and reliable with a manufacturer marked adhesive selvedge allowing for an HDPE-adhesive-HDPE bond at seam overlaps. Pre-Tak delivers superior performance in harsh conditions without the need for specialized equipment, heat, or power. For situations where more seam protection is required (patching, cut edges, roll ends, etc.), Kingfield’s positive side lap seam tape, Pre-Tak Tape, is used to keep the integral bond intact.

Pre-Tak membranes are applied horizontally over smooth prepared concrete, carton forms, compacted earth & crushed stone substrates. Pre-Tak can also be vertically applied blindside to permanent formwork, single sided forms, or adjoining structures.


  • Forms a continuous adhesive bond to poured-in-place concrete
  • Easy to apply, fully-adhered, watertight adhesive seams
  • Provides a barrier to water, moisture, gas, and vapor
  • Prevents lateral water migration
  • Chemical resistant – effective in most types of soils, including brownfields and hydrocarbon-laden soils
  • Weather resistant – Rain and ponding water will not prematurely activate the membrane


  • Release liner free – reduces construction site waste
  • Tinted solar reflective coating – reduces solar heat reflection and prevents UV & thermal warping of the membrane
  • Can be applied to blindside/permanent formwork – allows maximum use of confined and zero-lot-line sites
  • Self protecting – can be trafficked immediately after application for follow-on trade work
  • Unaffected by wet/dry cycling

System Overview:

System Components:

Pre-Tak & Pre-Tak HD

Tinted, weather resistant, release liner-free HDPE-PSA membrane


Pre-tak Tape

Dual-sided HDPE detail and seam tape. Side 1 (concrete side) is coated with PSA, side 2 (Pre-tak side) is coated with a strong HDPE adhesive. (4.75in. x 164ft. - 120mm x 50m)


System Details:

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