Turbo-Sheet GTR

Polymer Rubber Gel Self-Adhesive Sheet Membrane

Description: Turbo-Sheet GTR is a compound preformed waterproofing membrane which integrates a modified polymer rubber gel with a high performance protection sheet to create a hybrid, integrated waterproofing membrane. Turbo-Sheet GTR is used for above and below grade construction. Due to its superior flexibility, adhesiveness and self-sealing characteristics, Turbo-Sheet GTR is ideal for effective, permanent waterproofing. Turbo-Sheet GTR is self-seaming and applied without primer, reducing overall project time and cost. Turbo-Sheet GTR is applied by simply rolling onto the substrate and applying pressure to assure uniform adhesion.

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  1. Self seaming membrane does not require heat welding of seams or accessory seaming tapes. Creates tight bond with itself: True monolithic sheet system. Eliminates potential leak sources. Quality control and productivity enhancement.
  2. Self-sealing, Self-healing membrane: Easy detailing of penetrations, self heals under hydrostatic pressure.
  3. Remains permanently flexible. Durable to vibration and continuous movement: Waterproofing is maintained. No loss of adhesion or separation.
  4. No extensive surface preparation or primers needed: Cost-effective, reduce labor, save time, fewer application mistakes.
  5. Durable sheet protection combined with dynamically responsive non-curing gel: Responds to substrate movement, thermal expansion/contraction without separation or debonding.
  6. Chemically resistant, hydrocarbon resistant, resistant to freeze/thaw cycling, dry/wet cycling: Effective in adverse environmental conditions.

System Overview:

System Components:

Turbo-Sheet GTR Gel


Turbo-Sheet GTR


Turbo-Sheet 3000


Turbo-Sheet 2000

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