• Novatak
    A preformed butyl rubber sheet for pre-applied waterproofing applications. Chemically bonds to cast in place concrete for the highest concrete bond strength in the industry.
  • Ecotak
    An exceptionally adhesive EVA film with bio-based backing. Your next generation peal and stick waterproofing solution for ultimate performance.
  • Hydrogel
    A spray applied polymer rubber gel composite waterproofing system. High performance waterproofing combined with ultimate productivity.
  • XT1
    An ultra high performance asphalt modified elastomeric urethane coating that offers both negative and positive side protection from the not only water but the harshest of...
  • Turbo-Seal
    Turbo-Seal is a versatile cold trowel applied polymer rubber gel that exhibits excellent performance for all waterproofing applications as well as injection applications for leak repair.
  • Viperflex
    A polymer modified acrylamide injection chemical used to seal leaks in below grade structures and soil modification. Viperflex's ultra low viscosity penetrates concrete like water to...