Quality products deserve quality application

Kingfield’s approved applicator program ensures that our systems are applied by trained, qualified specialty applicators. Only approved applicators qualify for Kingfield’s performance guarantees. Our approved applicator network includes some of the most reputable and trusted firms in the construction industry. There is no substitute for quality application.   

We provide our approved applicators technical assistance when necessary, including in person field support from our on call technical department.  Kingfield commits our resources toward the correct and productive application or our systems including job specific assistance with submittal requirements, shop drawings and project specific details.

Project fulfillment does not end at project completion. We provide post project warranty and service support to ensure the life of the structure is protected, including our performance guarantee. With a Kingfield system in place, peace of mind begins before your project starts and continues after your project ends.

Providing far more than just a product, we provide the solution.

How does your company become a Kingfield approved applicator?

  1. Download and fill out our forms below
  2. Submit them to:
    admin@kingfieldcp.com -or-
    Kingfield Construction Products, Inc.
    20 North 4th Street, Suite 300
    Minneapolis, MN 55401 USA
  3. Expect to hear back from us within 3 business days

Our technical department will begin the review of your application and be in touch with you soon. Being a Kingfield Approved Applicator allows your company to provide some of the best and most advanced waterproofing and coating solutions available!

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Kingfield Construction Products, Inc.
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