Description: The $1.6 billion dollar San Francisco Central Subway project includes three new cut and cover subway stations, Moscone, Union Square and China Town stations.  Excavation is to a depth greater than 80’ with the support of excavation consisting of concrete soldier pile columns shaved flush with the flange of the pile and smoothed with a layer of shotcrete.  Construction in a dense urban environment along with a demanding construction schedule makes this project particularly challenging.  Kingfield’s polymer rubber gel Turbo-Seal system for the roof slab helped speed construction due to the fact that it can be applied to green concrete.  Turbo-Seal’s non-curing, dynamically responsive composite waterproofing system is ideally suited for applications where there are seismic concerns.  Kingfield’s Novatak system ties into the Turbo-Seal system at the top of the pile cap to roof slab transition to ensure water tightness of the station roof slab.  Kingfield provides a comprehensive waterproofing solution for cut and cover transit infrastructure that is proven and effective.

Kingfield Systems Applied:

Unique Properties

GF-450 is a post applied composite waterproofing system applied directly to concrete substrates typically for foundation walls, split slab and plaza deck applications. This composite waterproofing system is comprised of two components applied and assembled in the field.

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