Bentotak AB

Delayed Swell, Self-Adhesive Asphalt-Bentonite Waterstop Strip

Description: Bentotak AB is a flexible composite waterstop consisting of specially modified Asphalt and dense, high swelling Bentonite. It is designed to adhere to surfaces that cannot be mechanically penetrated and to stop water penetration from any direction. Bentotak AB’s Asphalt-Bentonite compound incorporates highly concentrated Bentonite and restricts its swelling potential from 500% to 200%, increasing the density of the bentonite in contact with substrate. Bentotak AB will expand to fill voids in concrete where water has penetrated.

For application to plastic pipe penetrations, no primer is necessary. For concrete, steel, and iron application, a water-based acrylic primer is required.

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– Horizontal & vertical concrete construction joints

– Door & window surrounds

– Ducts, PVC & steel piping, sleeves, steel H & I-Beams


Self-Adhesive – Integrated adhesive asphalt compound

Delayed Swell – Wet weather & ponding water friendly

Non-expanding, swelling waterstop – Stress-free joints

Suitable for wet/dry cycling & fresh/salt water environments

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Bentotak AB

Self-adhesive Asphalt-Bentonite waterstop strip


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