e.drain 6000 Drainage Composites

Drainage Mats for Horizontal and Vertical Waterproofing Systems

DESCRIPTION: e.drain 6000 is applied in negative side applications to blindside shoring walls, in positive side applications to over excavated walls, and over plaza decks. e.drain 6000 prefabricated drainage composite is designed to protect the E.Series system assembly, while effectively eliminating the buildup and ponding of water against the membrane assembly.

Composition: e.drain 6000 features a lightweight three dimensional, high-compressive strength polypropylene core and bonded non-woven geotextile fabric. The bonded filter fabric allows water to pass freely into the molded drain while preventing soil particles from entering and clogging the core structure.

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  • Provides extremely high compressive strength to meet a wide variety of project conditions
  • Polypropylene provides greater chemical resistance than traditional polystyrene
  • Maintains flexibility in freezing temperatures

System Overview:

System Components:

e.drain 6000

HDPE dimpled drainage composite with a fleece backing.


System Details:

For System Details, please contact EPRO Services: 800.882.1896 -or- https://www.eproinc.com/contact

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