Above Grade, Water-Based, Zero-VOC, Acrylic Waterproofing Coating

Ecotak is Kingfield’s answer to costly balcony, exposed walking bridge, and breezeway repair. Ecotak is a fiber-infused, single component, zero-VOC, water-based coating that can be applied by Airless Sprayer, Brush, Roller, or Squeegee.

Ecotak has a tested lifespan of 10 years with no change and comes in 5 colors: Green, Grey, Red, Sand, or White.

The fiber-reinforcement in Ecotak eliminates the need to embed a geotextile between coats and provides a strong, flexible, and resilient monolithic membrane that is highly resistant to pooling water, weather cycling, and UV degradation. It is also great for marine and industrial environments, and once the coating has cured, is immediately trafficable.

Ecotak can be applied directly to cleaned concrete and tile substrates, eliminating the need for costly tile or concrete removal. Ecotak can also be applied to modified bitumen and wood surfaces.

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Kingfield’s Ecotak system has the benefit of saving time and money for you and the owner. For most scenarios, a balcony can be prepped, primed, and coated in a single day. For large surface areas, with the correct sprayer equipment, up to 10,000 square feet can be applied per day.

For application, the total minimum applied thickness of the wet membrane is 70 mils, or about 35 mils per coat, with a dried thickness of 50 mils. A minimum of two coats is needed to reach the recommended thickness, with the first coat filling any cracks or imperfections on the substrate and the second providing the required thickness.

The membrane can be tiled 48 hours after application or left as is. You have up to 5 years to add tile directly to the undamaged Ecotak membrane.

This gives the owner the ability to remedy water intrusion problems, while giving them the option to postpone or eliminate the need to remove or add new tile.

System Overview:

System Components:


Water-based, Zero-VOC, Monolithic, Acrylic Coating for Above Grade Waterproofing


Ecoprime CVB

Water-based, zero-VOC, acrylic vaporbarrier primer with a moisture activated curing-tint for cementitious surfaces.


Ecoprime NPS

Water-based, zero-VOC, acrylic primer for smooth and non-porous surfaces.


Ecoprime WP

3-Part, water-based, zero-VOC, 80 mil (2mm) cementitious waterproofing primer highly resistant to negative and positive hydrostatic head.


Versadex FB

Fabric-backed, chemical, environmental, and temperature resistant butyl detailing tape.

Available widths: 6", 12" & 18"


Rust Shield

Pre-Primer water-based oxidation converter and protection coat for rusted and oxidized metal surfaces.


System Details:

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