GFG20X Vapor Barrier & GEL-FLEX Protection Sheet

Fleece-Backed (15 mil) Chemical-, Puncture-, UV-Resistant HDPE (16 mil) Class A Vapor Barrier

Description: GFG20X Sheet is a 16-mil cross-laminated HDPE with a 15-mil geotextile fabric reinforcement layer that effectively resists punctures and tears. (Total = 31 mil HDPE+Fleece Sheet). GFG20X provides a mechanical bond with concrete when placed with geotextile fabric facing concrete pour. GFG20X effectively controls radon, methane, sulfates and many other soil contaminates.

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  • Highly durable, HDPE reinforced cross-laminated membrane: Puncture resistant, chemical resistant, Class A vapor barrier for enhanced substrate protection. Superior performance in adverse environmental soil conditions.
  • Non-woven geotextile backing: Increases tensile strength without significantly increasing weight (8lbs/inch adhesion to concrete).
  • Seams are heat-weldable: Robust protection from the jobsite environment effectively protecting the waterproofing system prior to backfill.
  • Class A Vapor Barrier: Effective barrrier against water vapor and harmful gas intrusion (i.e. radon, methane, etc.).
  • UV stable and highly puncture resistant membrane: Enhanced seam protection with heat weldable seams. Puncture resistant to 11.48 pound dart test.

System Overview:

System Components:


Chemical-, Puncture-, UV-Resistant 31-mil Fleece-Backed HDPE Class A Vapor Barrier



4" cold-applied, single-sided 35 mil butyl tape (VOC-free)


System Details:

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