Sepa Seal SH-100

Elastomeric Hydrophilic Caulkable Waterstop

Description: Sepa Seal SH-100 is a single component hydrophilic elastic waterstop sealant ideally suited for preventing water seepage for a variety of construction applications. This modified polyurethane sealant is packaged in an easy to apply cartridge. SH-100 is specially formulated to expand twice its volume in the presence of water and exhibits excellent durability and adhesive strength. SH-100 has been tested to withstand up to 150 ft. of hydrostatic head pressure (3/8” x 3⁄4” bead). Chemically resistant and highly durable, SH-100 will maintain its watertight performance in the harshest of environmental conditions.

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Hydrophilic – Expands in the presence of water up to twice its volume expanding in the path of least resistance to effectively seal cracks and penetrations from water leakage.

Single component – Fast and easy to apply.

Packaged in a caulking tube – The applicator can control the thickness of the applied product to fit numerous types of applications.

Stable – Polymerized sealant will not separate and degrade, ensuring the long term effectiveness of the application. SH-100 is stable, and irreversible.

Superior adhesive strength, durability, and longevity – SH-100 is effective for stopping water ingress for a variety of construction applications in a variety of challenging environments.

Versatile – Multiple applications exist for the application of SH-100 providing effective water stop performance with exceptional ease of use.

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Sepa Seal SH-100

Caulkable single component hydrophilic elastomeric waterstop


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