Turbo-Seal U

Injectable Leak Repair & Restores Polymer Rubber Gel Membranes

DESCRIPTION: Turbo-Seal U is a single component, highly elastomeric polymer rubber gel infused with special adhesives. Turbo-Seal U is used to repair water leaks in below grade structures. Due to its superior flexibility, adhesiveness, and self-sealing characteristics, Turbo-Seal U is ideally suited for repairing and restoring damaged waterproofing membrane systems. Turbo-Seal U is applied by rotor/stator injection pump.

USES: Turbo-Seal U is injected into leaking areas after drilling to the damaged waterproofing layer restoring its integrity. Turbo-Seal U is applied in any below grade structure. Turbo-Seal U can be applied to areas with high volume active water leakage or minimal water leakage. Preventative sealing is also applicable.

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  • Adhesive in wet conditions, active water leaks, and on surfaces with foreign materials
  • Partial bentonite composition
  • Remains as a flexible gel. Durable to vibration and continuous movement
  • One component. No mixing of chemicals, easy to apply, safe, easily stored and transported
  • High solids content, solvent free, made from recycled materials
  • Durable. Chemically resistant, resistant to freeze/thaw cycling, dry/wet cycling


  • Ease of application and effectiveness
  • Seeks out leaks and stops them
  • Waterproofing is maintained with no loss of adhesion or separation
  • Cost-effective, reduce labor, save time, fewer mistakes in application
  • Safe application: Non-toxic & non-flammable
  • Effective in many different types of environments

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Turbo-Seal U

Injectable Polymer Rubber Gel for Leaks and Waterproofing Membrane Repair


System Details:

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