Chemical Resistant Polyacrylate Injection Leak Repair

Viperflex is an advanced, packer & port-free injection system that utilizes a highly viscous liquid, chemically cured, modified acrylate gel used for sealing leaks in below grade structures and for soil modification.

Viperflex is comprised of three components – Viperflex (liquid acrylate emulsion), ViperTea (triethanolamine) accelerator, and ViperCat (ammonium persulphate) catalyst. When combined, these components polymerize into a non-toxic, impermeable, highly durable and flexible gel. Polymerization can be controlled from 5 seconds to over 2 hours, ensuring Viperflex polymerizes in a controlled manner to be able to go from active leak sealing to deep soil penetration.

Viperflex’s low viscosity allows it to penetrate very fine structural cracks (0.1mm) and flow wherever water may flow. Viperflex is utilized to seal off water infiltration into structures such as subway stations, tunnels, mines, dam walls, parking garages, manholes, elevator pits and various other below grade structures through the establishment of a gel membrane on the positive side of a structure and through the permeation of cracks and voids within concrete.

Viperflex can also be used for soil modification to solidify soils for erosion control or other various soil modification purposes.

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Viperflex Pneumatic Injection Gun. Non-clogging, pneumatic injection pistol removes the need for gluing in packers, injection ports, etc. required with traditional leak repair systems.

Low viscosity. Flows like water. Penetrates fine cracks in concrete sealing them to effectively block water infiltration. Effectively permeates and modifies soils to fit multiple project conditions.

Controlled cure times. Versatility in application including immediate crack sealing for high flow rate leaks, waterproofing membrane restoration to deep soil permeation for soil modification purposes.

No degradation. Polymerized gel will not separate and degrade ensuring the long term effectiveness of the application. In cured form Viperflex is stable, non-toxic and irreversible.

Superior durability. Acrylamide gels are the strongest polymerized gels available exhibiting superior durability over freeze/thaw cycles, hydration cycles and vibration/movement.

Superior chemical resistance. Resistant to most soil contaminates, Viperflex retains its physical properties in the harshest environments ensuring long term effectiveness.

System Overview:

System Components:


Chemical resistant polyacrylate injection leak repair & soil stabilization


Viperflex Pneumatic Injection Gun

Non-clogging, pneumatic injection pistol

System Details:

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