Gel-Flex Waterproofing

Hydrogel is a spray applied, single component, 99% solids, highly elastomeric modified polymer rubber gel with exceptional adhesive properties. Hydrogel is a component of the composite GEL-FLEX SYSTEM for both pre—applied and post-applied waterproofing systems for above and below grade construction. Its superior flexibility, adhesiveness and self-healing characteristics make Hydrogel the ideal choice for effective, permanent waterproofing. Hydrogel can be applied to green concrete, reducing overall project time and costs.

GEL-FLEX SYSTEM: combines a spray applied polymer rubber gel membrane with durable high density polyethylene sheet. The flexibility of the polymer rubber gel combined with the durability of the HDPE sheet creates a high performance, substrate responsive waterproofing system. The flexible polymer rubber gel component to the GEL-FLEX SYSTEM makes it ideal for construction where seismic events, foundation settlement or structural vibration/movement are a concern.

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GF-450 is a post applied composite waterproofing system applied directly to concrete substrates typically for foundation walls, split slab and plaza deck applications. This composite waterproofing system is comprised of two components applied and assembled in the field.

Application procedure:

  1. Spray apply Hydrogel polymer rubber gel onto concrete substrate.
  2. Adhere GFG20X sheet into Hydrogel.
  3. Tape or heat weld the seams of the GFG20X sheet.

System Components:


A spray applied polymer rubber gel that exhibits excellent flexibility and adhesion.


A durable, chemical resistant 20 mil HDPE sheet backed with a non-woven geo-textile.


A highly adhesive rubber seaming and detailing tape.

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