Low Viscosity, Two Part Chemically Polymerized Gel

Viperflex is a liquid, chemically cured acrylamide gel used for sealing leaks in below grade structures and for soil modification. Viperflex is comprised of two components – Viperflex, a liquid acrylamide emulsion and ViperCat, a liquid acrylic emulsion catalyst. When combined, these components polymerize into a non-toxic, impermeable, highly durable, flexible gel.

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Low viscosity. Flows like water. Penetrates fine cracks in concrete sealing them to effectively block water infiltration. Effectively permeates and modifies soils to fit multiple project conditions.

Controlled cure times. Versatility in application including immediate crack sealing for high flow rate leaks, waterproofing membrane restoration to deep soil permeation for soil modification purposes.

No degradation. Polymerized gel will not separate and degrade ensuring the long term effectiveness of the application. In cured form Viperflex is stable, non-toxic and irreversible.

Superior durability. Acrylamide gels are the strongest polymerized gels available exhibiting superior durability over freeze/thaw cycles, hydration cycles and vibration/movement.

Superior chemical resistance. Resistant to most soil contaminates, Viperflex retains its physical properties in the harshest environments ensuring long term effectiveness.

Application procedure (curtain wall):

  1. Drill holes in a apx. 3′ on center grid pattern through concrete wall to positive side.
  2. Inject grout while visually inspecting for counterflow from adjacent drill holes.
  3. When grout is present from adjacent drill holes, move injection port to non-covered area. Continue process until affected area is covered.
  4. Patch holes with hydraulic cement.

Application procedure (crack, joint)

  1. Mark drill pattern spacing drill holes apx. 1.5′ alternating either side of crack.
  2. Drill holes at an angle to intersect crack at least a minimum depth half way back from face of wall if possible.
  3. Inject from bottom of the crack injecting until grout bleed out of crack is visible.
  4. Continue injection process moving up crack.
  5. Patch holes with hydraulic cement.

System Components:


A low viscosity, two part chemically polymerized acrylamide gel.


A liquid acrylic emulsion catalyst used to polymerize Viperflex.

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